What if School creates DYSlexia?

Some dyslexics never develop a reading problem, while others will struggle all their lives. What if School is what makes all the difference – but not in the way people think!
This booklet was free to read for Dyslexia week 4th-11th October, it is now available for purchase on Smashwords ! The author believes that everyone should be able to access the information they need, so if you cannot afford to purchase this text, you can email the author at theshiftwillcome@gmail.com to arrange for a discount coupon. You can thank/support the author by signing up on Patreon here or by directly donating any amount you choose, using the QR code or button below,

1 thought on “What if School creates DYSlexia?

  1. This wonderfully user-friendly text brings critically important issues to a very wide range of readers who are interested in, and concerned about, children’s holistic development. It tables and discusses key features in an eminently accessible way. It is still widely the case that children with dyslexia require remedial assistance to enable them to “cope” in the schooling system. This short and insightful booklet made it very clear to me that children with dyslexia are not deficient. The deficiency lies, rather, in an overly-standardised schooling system that simply cannot provide “inclusive education” because it starts from the misconception that all children learn in the same way and can, therefore, be regimented.

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